About Us

Welcome to Mozhi Games - your source for entertaining and educational games that bring the magic of the Tamil language to life and into your home.


Mozhi Games is a heartfelt initiative to preserve and celebrate the beauty of the Tamil language from Tamils for Tamils.

Mozhi Games was founded by dedicated founders who all share a profound connection with Tamil culture and language. Our parents originate from Sri Lanka, but we were born and raised here in Germany. During our childhood, we attended Tamil school to both preserve our cultural roots and learn the language.

In spite of our efforts, we observed that the Tamil language wasn't as commonly used in our daily lives as we had hoped. This led to generations in our community rarely coming together, as some younger members of our community struggled to speak Tamil fluently. This challenge served as the inspiration behind the establishment of Mozhi Games.



We aim to provide the highest quality educational and entertainment experiences, ensuring that every interaction with Mozhi Games is enriching and enjoyable.


We aspire to have a global impact by promoting the Tamil language and culture on a worldwide scale.


We deeply respect and honor the cultural significance of the Tamil language. Our commitment to preserving its heritage is at the heart of everything we do.


What do we dream about?

"Our vision is to bring the timeless beauty of the Tamil language into the hearts of people all around the world, fostering a global appreciation while dedicatedly preserving its rich heritage. We believe that the Tamil language plays a crucial role in the identity and culture of our community and should be celebrated and preserved."


What do we want to achieve?

Our mission is to develop high-quality board games that not only offer hours of fun but also provide education and a deeper understanding of the Tamil language and culture. We are determined to connect generations, from grandparents to grandchildren, and create shared memories through our innovative games beginning with our first one "Idhu Enna?".