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Idhu Enna? - EN

Idhu Enna? - More than just a game, it's a journey filled with joy, knowledge, and shared memories.Let's celebrate the Tamil language together!


  • 100 'ACT IT' CARDS
  • 1 DICE

Product Details

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Number of Players: 4+
  • Art-Nr.: 752 692 4
  • Size: 217 x 217 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 1,3 kg


More than 1000 Words

With over 1000 words, you can learn new Tamil terms or refresh your existing Tamil.

More than 500 Cards

"Idhu Enna?" offers you an abundance of over 500 cards filled with more than 1,000 Tamil words. This allows you to expand your Tamil language skills while having fun.

Education and Entertainment

Our game combines education and entertainment in a playful manner. Guess terms through charades or descriptions without using specific words to challenge and entertain your team members.

Suitable for all Age Groups

"Idhu Enna?" is suitable for people of all ages. Grandparents, parents, and children can play and learn together, making it a great family game.

Innovative Gaming Experience

Experience an innovative gaming journey that celebrates the Tamil language and culture. 'Idhu Enna?' is more than just a game—it's a journey through the beauty of the Tamil language.

Phonetic Transcription

As the Tamil script differs from conventional Western scripts and may not be familiar to everyone, 'Idhu Enna?' includes the phonetic transcription for each Tamil word, making the game accessible to all.

English Translation

"As Tamils who grew up or live abroad may not be familiar with the meanings of all Tamil words, 'Idhu Enna?' provides the respective English translation on each card."